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5 April 2017, 07:46
Rossella and Nonna Romana on the Home & Family Show
23 March 2017, 20:20
Rossella and Nonna Romana on Good Morning America
11 January 2017, 11:16
Rossella to be Honored at the NIAF 2017 NYC Gala

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rossella rago's friends


Hey Rossella, Wondering if you are planning any more italian/cooking trips?


Omg Rosella I just watched you teaching Nonna to say "Subscribe to my you tube channel". I laughed so hard I was crying. I love her ❤️


Congratulazioni, Rossella and Nonna Romana! Beautiful segment on Home & Family. Loved it!



OMG what a book! you hit on recipes that my grandfather and mother would cook. I forgot all about them until I went thru your cookbook as I turned the pages some of my favorite dishes jumped right out at me I am one happy camper. I would definitely say buy this book. What terrific recipes Thank you so very much
Connie I. of Pompton Lakes, NJ


Have you ever heard of a fried cabbage frittata? My grandma made it when I was small but can not find a recipe to make one.

Nonna Celeste

For anyone looking for the 14.5" pan to bake Jen's Jersey Shore Crumb Cake... I found mine at Michael's, with the pans for making wedding cakes. The first bake took 10 minutes, and the subsequent bake after adding the crumb mixture was another 30 minutes. The cake is in the process of cooling, and looks and smells fantastico!


I just finished looking at my new cook book, I am looking forward to trying some recipes, love the stories


I do have a question, My ex-mother in law, used to make her pasta with her homemade sauce (of corse) but sometimes would add green beans or cauliflower? I have tried to do it and it is not the same, has Nonna ever heard of this? And if yes how do you make it

Michele Puccinelli

Tanti auguri a tutti Italiani per la stagione Natalizia!


Getting ready for Easter!


Congratulations on the upcoming release of your cookbook. Great to have a grandmother willing to share her knowledge and experience. My grandmother, born in Sicily, was an excellent cook who shared nothing and took most of her recipes to her grave. She would say, "I write nothing down come watch me make it if you want." We'd set a time on a Saturday morning and by the time I arrived at her house, she was more than half way through the process. It's a pity that her big family never got to taste her dishes after she was gone.


Happy 2015! Love the knives I bought and recipient of Christmas gift agrees that they are the best!


How do you sign up for the Puglia Tour 2016?
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