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11 January 2017, 11:16
Rossella to be Honored at the NIAF 2017 NYC Gala
15 November 2016, 07:46
The Cooking with Nonna Cookbook is now Available for Pre-Order
5 November 2016, 06:38
Casting Call for all Nonne - Winter 2016


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Nonna's 10 Newest Recipes



Paccheri with Ragu` alla Genovese
By rossella rago

Paccheri with Ragu` alla Genovese - One of the most traditional dishes from the neaopolitan cuisine. The legend says that this dish may have been i...

Italian S Cookies
By rossella rago

Italian S Cookies - a staple in every Italian  cookie jar!


PS: This Video Recipe is now available on the Cooking with N...

Italian Antipasto
By rossella rago

What is a holiday without a tasty Italian Antipasto bowl. Quickly put this one together using the great Italian Antipasto products from Botticelli ...

Linguine with Lobster Sauce
By rossella rago

Linguine with Lobster Sauce... the perfect dish for all holidays and special occasions.


PS: This Video Recipe is now availab...

Orange Cranberry Cake with Mascarpone Cream Cheese
By rossella rago

Spicy orange scented cake filled with cranberry filling and frosted with rich Mascarpone cream cheese!


Spaghetti with Sausage and Baby Kale
By rossella rago

Spaghetti with Sausage and Baby Kale... quick and delicious!


Italian Butter Cookies
By rossella rago

Every time Nonna would have her "girlfriends" over, a.k.a other Nonne, they would usually bring over a box of old fashioned Italian butte...

Nonna Dorotea's Cheesecake
By Nonna Dorotea

Dreamy cream cheese and mascarpone cheesecake with a little kick of Marsala wine!


Rigatoni Pie
By rossella rago

This dish will impress everyone this holiday season! Ok so this recipe is a bit of a labor of love but the result is so worth it! Filling each of t...

Apple Cider Spritz
By rossella rago

Apple Cider Spritz.



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