Limoncello Recipe ___

Limoncello Recipe


For the Limoncello:

  • 12 medium sized very fresh organic lemons
  • 750 ml Alcohol (grain alcohol)
  • 750 ml water
  • 2.25 cups sugar


Pour all the alcohol in a large sealable jar.

Wash the lemons and with a very sharp knife cut the zest very finely without removing any of the white part of the skin.

Place the zest in the jar with the alcohol. Repeat the process for all the lemons.

Store the jar in a dark place for 20 days.

After the 20 days, put 750 Ml of water in a pot and add the sugar. Boil the water so that the sugar completely melts.

Let the water completely cool off and add the alcohol. Discard the zest.

Mix the water and alcohol well and bottle.

Let the Limoncello cure for about 20 days in a dark area.

Place one bottle in the freezer for serving. Serve ice cold.

PS: The color of the Limoncello will vary depending on the color of the lemons. It is ok to use lemons that are also a little green. In this case the Limoncello will have a greener color but still be great!