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Female Daughter Pretty Good!

{actor} I can't wait for Fall!

Another birthday, another occasion to appreciate my very thoughtful and creative husband

Had a kale salad from local grocery store..going to remake it (better - NO sugar!). I think kale, red onion, some roasted red pepper with a bit of mayonnaise blended with some fresh basil, bit of diced garlic.

Oh I wish I could snap my fingers and arrive in Utica, NY at the Florentine bakery!! I so want a pustie!

{actor} At last...growing zucchini, green tomatoes, and the first peppers are getting large.

AllyD and {target} are now friends 12 years ago

Congratulations Ally!

{actor} Enjoying beautiful weather, and lots of grilling!

{actor} Ooo..the birds are having a spat in the backyard..noisy!

Finally..a day of sunshine and temps in the low 70s. A heat wave there has NOT been in wa state!