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10 August 2017, 02:34
Casting Call for all Nonne - Fall 2017
30 July 2017, 08:49
Rossella and her Nonne on News 12 - Bronx, NY
30 July 2017, 08:48
Rossella and Nonna Romana on Fox TV in Milwaukee


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Pasta Sauces

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Italian Pasta Sauces by our Italian Grandmas!

Pasta Sauces are an essential component to garnish the different type of Pasta that you are planning to prepare. Without a Sauce, Pasta would be too bland. Pasta Sauces range from very simple to somewhat complicated, but they are all an interesting reflection of the area of Italy that the sauce originated in. Here we highlight some of the most basic sauces that will help you prepare delicious Pasta Dishes for your Family and Friends! Buon Appetito!

PS: The Sauces are presented as part of a Pasta Recipe. You can use the Sauce with any type of other Pasta that you desire. Of course here you will also find the traditional Sunday Sauces... or Sunday Gravy, as some people prefer!