Tony Bennett and Anna Benedetto

I grew up during the Depression and mom was widowed when my father passed. At the time I was 10 years old and mom had to raise 3 young children all on her own.  Every Sunday, my Italian-American family would come to our house for a big meal - my mom's lasagne was always a favorite. After dinner the family would make a circle in the living room and my brother, my sister and I would perform for them.  It was those early days, when I got so much love and encouragement from my family, that I decided that I wanted to become a performer.  They helped me make that decision.

I remember one Thanksgiving with the family that stands out because of all things, we could not afford a turkey that year.  My mom was so upset by it, but then I told her the local movie theater was raffling off turkeys and if she gave me a dime to go to the movies I would be able to enter the contest and maybe win that turkey.  She gave me the dime and I went to the movies  and to this day I have no idea what movie they played on that day as all I kept focusing on what the number on  my  ticket - Number 4 - and wishing that it would be the winning number.  I had this feeling inside me that I had the winning ticket so, when after the movie they collected all the stubs, the man up front called out loudly, NUMBER FOUR!!  I remember  dragging the turkey down the street and when I brought it home by entire family looked at me in utter amazement.

I have had many Thanksgivings since then but that one is the one I remember the most and to this day my favorite number is  Number 4.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends and if you make my mom's lasagna, I know it will be the winning ticket!

Happy Holiday!

Tony Bennett


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