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5 April 2017, 07:46
Rossella and Nonna Romana on the Home & Family Show
23 March 2017, 20:20
Rossella and Nonna Romana on Good Morning America
11 January 2017, 11:16
Rossella to be Honored at the NIAF 2017 NYC Gala


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Lobster Recipes

Who does not ike Lobster? Using lobster in the Italian cuisine ranges from appetizers to main courses. Depending on where you live there are a few different type of lobsters that may be available to you, however, they can all be used to make delicious meals. One of the classics is Spaghetti with Lobster sauces. Or simply boiling the lobster and enjoying it with drawn butter. Also lobster areganata is always a winner.  The choices are endless, so at your next special occasion, serve Lobster any way you like.