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  • Ciambella di Pasqua is a traditional Easter pastry from Sersale, Calabria. In dialect it is called Cuzuppa. The unbaked dough is formed into the s

Can I still enter the Easter contest?

rossella rago Sorry too late! But you can still share your recipe! 11 years ago

{actor} Thank you to everyone who responded and "liked" the Cooking with Nonna fan page. I am overwhelmed! I really appreciate your comments.

I have not been online much these last couple of days except from my phone. Busy planning for Easter, which is my favorite holiday!

Also my laptop's cursor jumps around mercilessly! If I don't rewrite and...
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{actor} Happy Birthday Maria. 30 years ago when you were born, words could not describe the happiness and joy I felt. You were such a beautiful baby. As an adult you are beautiful inside and out! Wishing you every success as you begin a new path for your life. You will be a compassionate nurse. I love you, forever!

{actor} VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! I forgot to add that the Novena prayer must be said 15 times a day till Christmas!!!!

{actor} Wishing all my family and friends the best and happiest Thanksgiving. I thank God for all of you! Eats lots of great food. Remember...calories don't count today. It's one of the perks of being grateful!!!!

{actor} My husband Tom has listed several postings from
People's Uprising. If you do not see his comments on that site, you would think he is defending Hamas and the terrorists. Please read his comments. He is NOT
anti-Israel, just the opposite. He is pro peace!
I am proudly pro-Israel! So is Tom!