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Please help !!!! I still am unable to get My Favorites !!! I click the Profile Tab and it brings up a menu ... Change Profile
picture, change video .... Etc... I do not get the option that is in...
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I notice that my profile photo doesn’t show up either ??? Yet it says I’m logged in ??? HMMMMM ... maybe that’s part of the problem....

Everytime I log into this page .... I still CAN NEVER get my favorites .... I do everything I’m suppose to do. When I click. On Profile, I get the menu that says “change profile picture, change... Show more

CarolRees has liked CarolRees's Profile 9 months ago

I have logged in, and followed your directions. I cannot find my favorite/saved recipes ... Please help !

rossella rago Click on your Profile tab at the top of the page! 9 months ago
CarolRees I have .. and I don’t get that option ? 9 months ago

Which cook book will have the Rainbow Cookies and Biscotti

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