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Graziemiamore and {target} are now friends 11 years ago

I have a recipe for s cookies. Do you remember if you rolled them or piped them onto a cookie sheet. My dough is piped from a bag. I will share if you want it. It's kind of a crispy cookie.

Naplesfrank3 S cookies are usually piped. 11 years ago
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rossella rago and {target} are now friends 11 years ago

You are so right. So you lightly grease and whatever you put in the pan has to be pried out with a spatula, knife, then hammer and chisel. And in the end you have to throw the pan i the garbage! I use parchment paper for as much as possible. My Gramma would never have approved. She would have thought it was a waste of money and would have said,... Show more

ralphytroy and {target} are now friends 11 years ago

Today is Sunday in Upstate NY (the Utica area) and it's snowing! AGAIN!!! I have a pot of tomato sauce slowly simmering on the stove and my husband just got out of bed to tell me the house smells wonderful. We are going to enjoy some homemade hats for dinner with the family who will be over for dinner later. Frying meatballs for those who don't... Show more