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{actor} Very, Very Sad.

Happy New Year, Thank you for all your wonderful recipes. I love them and please keep them coming.

{actor} Me too, I feel very sad. Carene J. Williams.

{actor} A Loving Gratefulness Candle, lit for CRASH-DADDY and his family, with Love for a dear Bunny Rabbit.xxxxxxxxxx <3

{actor} A gratefulness candle for precious Amber, who is going thru Hell, right now, because of a very vicious woman. May she go to Hell too. xxxxx for Amber.

{actor} Well, I tried to post two very disparaging comments about this wonderful country and how they are helping the victims of Sandy. They only want to hear how wonderful this country is, I wonder how the victims of Sandy feel about The Great U./S.A. now. Carene J. Williams.

{actor} How in the Hell, does that Happen./ See something on my page, go to one of the sponsored, ads, and come back one minute later, and everything has gone. F Facebook is so frustrating.

{actor} I did it,!!!!!!!!!! I put Jack the Cat`s, beautiful picture on my profile picture. Thanks Heidi I Tappin.