Sunday for sure and every day of the week if wifey would let me


Ahh Pasta I do love thee..Let me count the ways...Carbonara,Scampi,Marinara,Ragu,EV Olive Oil Vinaigrette,etc..... It's Passion that carries over from my heritage as well. But I'm glad that I am not alone,and the are many who feel this need to embrace such a comfort food that is so simple to make in all it's forms. Thank you Mr Vito Rago for... Show more

I LOVE pasta! But here in the US we eat too much of it - not too many times, but too much at a time! We seem to make the pasta the whole meal, with a little meat and maybe a small salad on the side. That's not how I learned to eat it from my grandparents, who ate pasta every day, but as a side dish. And they loved the quick fresh sauces, instead... Show more