May I ask can someone please tell me what this pie is? It almost looks like the frocia or froshia. I’m not sure how to spell it but it is mostly eggs and ricotta and you bake it and when it’s cool... Show more

Hello everyone I’m new here. Glad to be here with you.

What is the cheese cake recipe

Who is making this on Good Friday?…

Easter Calzone - Onion Pie - Scalcione di Cipolle Easter Calzone: On Good Friday... the tradition is to have Scalcione - Onion Pie. This recipe is featured in the Cooking with Nonna Cookbook!

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please send recipe

Pizza Chena my favorite Easter tradition
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Easter Goodies 2018, baked March 31, Calabrese Easter Bread , Pastiera, Scalcione, Casatiello, Biscotti di Anice.

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