Ciao a Tutti,

I hope you've all enjoyed my Nutella cookies recipe, but after our quick break I am very much back as promised with the inestimable Nonna Rina.  This week she's walking us through her special recipe for homemade ravioli!  She would lovingly churn out over 500 ravioli on a daily basis as a former chef, so when it comes to recipe quickness, there's no one faster than her!

The idea behind making your own ravioli may seem, dare I say, silly. And sure, you could go out to the store and feed your family with some frozen, bland variety found in your grocer's freezer section, but here on Cooking with Nonna, homemade = love.  The time it takes to make your own ravioli is negligible when it comes to using their frozen counterparts.  It's even FASTER if you have the KitchenAid ravioli maker, but if you had one then you already know just how amazing it is.

And so we've come to the end of our very second season.  As I did at the end of the year, I'f like to once again thank everyone involved with the production of Cooking with Nonna.  If not for their diligence and dedication, we'd just be talking to ourselves in the kitchen.  I'd also like to thank each and every Nonna for coming on our show and sharing their recipes, and most important, their memories.  To them I am forever grateful.

Do not fret, dear viewers, for we are not abandoning you.  Next week, I'll be back da sola with another Nutella-based dessert to top off any of the hundreds of recipes you can find on the site.  So get out of here and start checking them out!

Ciao a tutti!




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