Ciao a Tutti,

With Nonna Rina's homemade ravioli still fresh in the mind (and most of my freezer), we're going to head back to my kindly kitchen to literally whip up another Nutella-based dessert that is as versatile as it is delicious:  my very own Nutella Mousse! Now, this is going to be perhaps THE most simple recipe at its core that we've ever done, but that hardly makes it a slouch in the flavor department. To show off the many hats this fluffy chocolate topping can wear, I've taken the liberty of showing just some of the many ways it can be used.  Cupcake frosting:  well, this a no-brainer if you don't mind me saying so. Simple yellow cake topped with the mousse gives your off-the-rack dessert a much needed kick in the flavor pants (that may never become a popular saying, but you get the idea).

Dark chocolate cups with mixed berries:  the silky texture of the mascarpone is highlighted not only by the Nutella, but the natural medley of tart and sweet provided by the fruit. As always, the berries used are at your discretion, but I'm not budging on the dark chocolate cups! Trust me, any other kind will either overpower or hide the delicate flavor balance, so do me a personal favor and go dark. There are limitless possibilities when you're talking about Nutella Mousse (did someone suggest cereal? Because I'm not above that. Seriously.) This week, we're also taking time out to feature the KitchenAid Pass the Plate charity program. Designed to raise money for breast cancer research, Pass the Plate is as simple as it's clever name. Simply Click Here to buy the KitchenAid Cook for the Cure plate and register it. Then, bake as many Nutella Mousse friendly products as you can and just pass it along to a friend, family member, or co-worker and tell them to do all the stuff you just did. Each time the plate is passed and registered, KitchenAid donates $5 to Cook for the Cure. Everybody wins! And so until next week, I'm going to do my best to get my hand out from this Nutella jar. In case I don't, well, that's fine too.

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