Colomba, by all means you can buy, but the Pastiera Napoletana, you can make! While regional variations of this beloved Easter dessert exist, we are focusing here on the Neapolitan version. The Pastiera Napoletana has become a tradition throughout all of Italy during the Easter sesason. Some attribute its origin to one of the convents in Naples, while others claim that, like the city of Naples itself, it has pagan Greek origins. To delve more deeply into the origin story and the rich symbolism, have a read through this article.

Whatever the origin, the elements are universal: Ricotta, citron or candied fruit, orange flower water. These flavors evoke the essence and scents of spring in Naples.The original recipe also calls for pre-cooked wheat grains, or grano cotto, which we sell right in La Bottega. You can also substitute with Arborio rice or add your regional spin. With Easter fast approaching, be sure and begin practicing your Pastiera. It's a perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones in preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Nonna Gilda Taormina and I prepare the Pastiera,


Happy baking and a blessed Easter season to you all.  



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