Rainbow cookies. Seven Layer Cookies. Tricolore. There are many ways to refer to the beloved almond flavored confections stacked with jam and chocolate. While they are referred to as a cookie, Rainbow cookies are actually exceptionally thin layers of cake, colored in the likeness of the Italian flag and sliced thinly into bite-sized portions. This is a true Italian-American cookie created by Italian immigrants to honor their mother country. The distincly almond flavored treat graces many Christmas tables, but if I'm being honest I crave them nearly all year. Order them straight from Brooklyn here, visit your local bakery, or make them from scratch here.

I'm pleased to share with you our latest addition to La Bottega: Rainbow Cookie APPAREL! Yes, now you can have your cookie and wear it too. Designs are available for men and women. 

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Pass the Pastiera Napoletana
Love is in the air