Meet Nonna Rosa Grisanzio


About Nonna Rosa

I’m Rosa Grisanzio and I’m from Mola di Bari. As I was the only child, I spend a great deal of time with my mother and my aunts and I learned so much from all of them, cooking, sawing and embroidering. My immediate family and extended family has always been very close. Often I would visit my ants and stay over for dinner. Inevitably I was exposed to new recipes that I would bring home and experiment with my mother.

Cooking has always been a passion for me and my dream was to one day have my own restaurant where I could experiment new ideas.  Well… I was able to accomplish my dream.

I had inherited from my mother an old “Frantoio” (Oil Mill) in the center of town. After much restoration to bring to life all the original stone work, I was able to open “Antica Mola", a truly architectural jewel… and great food as well.

Today, I still cultivate my passion for food as I attend the local “Universita` della Terza Eta`” (Continuing Education Program) where I learn new ideas from professional chefs that I happily experiment at home for my family to enjoy. I hope you enjoy some of the recipes that I would like to share with you.


Nonna Rosa Grisanzio