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Happy December everyone!  It is officially the holiday season, which means that just about the only gift you can't run out to the store and
buy is time.  Since I know how valuable that commodity is, this week's recipe will not only provide a fantastically delicious meal for you and your family, but will leave you plenty of extra time to catch up at the end of the day.  To find this week's recipe, Nonna Maria Nibaldi will be taking us to Frosolone, a town nestled in the mountains of the Molise region to show us how to make the Frosolone favorite: Pasta Frittata (Fried Pasta).

It could be argued that the old saying, "necessity is the mother of invention" was coined shortly after the first time this dish was made.

The idea is that it uses leftover pasta (the more variations the better) and gives it one final starring role as the main course.  To make our pastas sizzle in the pan, we're adding a combination of eggs, cheese and parsley that will allow the pastas to bind together while cooking.  The real fun begins when the bottom turns a crispy brown. In order to get that perfect crust on both sides, we have to - you guessed it - flip it over!  If you're feeling less adventurous, you can slide it onto a plate and gently turn it, but as you'll see on today's episode, it's far more enjoyable to try your luck our way!

I'd like to thank Nonna Maria Nibaldi for coming on my show.
Until next week, stay warm!

Tanti Baci,


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