Ciao a Tutti,

Another Monday, another stop on our culinary train ride!  After being in sunny Basilicata, it's time to head back to Abruzzo to check in on Nonna Ann Marie and see just how much she's missed me meddling in her kitchen!  Today, she's personally caught a wonderful seafood medley (by hand, she says -- I'm not arguing) made from some of my favorite bi-valves and crustaceans.  Brodetto di Pesce (Fish Stew) is  on today's menu, so let's see what Nonna Ann Marie has in store for us today!

Brodetto di Pesce is a rich tomato-based stew that best utilizes the fish of the Pescara area.  The composition of clams, mussels, and everybody's favorite (except those deathly allergic): lobster. Because of the literally 2,000+ recipes for brodetto that exist from the heel all the way to the top of Italy, there are always going to be slight, or sometimes significant variations on the type of fish, but as always we strive to bring you the traditional recipes from the respective regions, and Nonna Ann Marie's enthusiasm for this combination is overwhelming.  It's easy to understand once you've had a taste of this truly spectacular dish, so get in those kitchens and see what we mean!

All of us at Cooking with Nonna would like to wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.   Buon giorno di ringraziamento a tutti!

Tanti Baci,


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