Ciao a Tutti,

We're Basilicata bound this week!  That's right -- we're heading back to pay a visit to the CineCitta starlette herself, Nonna Caroline! She'll be showing us how to make the Basilicata special: Pasta con Noci (Pasta with Nut Sauce).  Because this recipe contains a lot of nuts, there will be an allergy issue, so please, be careful.  If you're in the clear, let's get to it!

The recipe itself, as Nonna Caroline tells us, was the product of good old fashioned ingenuity.  

Looking for an alternative to the traditional Ragu`, Nonna Caroline's nonna would fashion different types of sauces to please her son, and thus the recipe was born!  This tomato-based sauce is comprised of anchovies, olives, hazelnuts and walnuts, giving us four, count them FOUR different kinds of light, flavorful oils swirling around in the pan and providing one of the most delicious smells ever produced on the show!  When capped atop a mountain of pasta, this thick, crunchy sauce will electrify your taste buds and always leave you with a smile on your face.

Thanks once again to our lovely starlette, Nonna Caroline, for sharing with all of us her grandmother's wonderfully unique recipe!

Tanti Baci,


Welcome Back Nonna Maria
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