Just a few days ago I have come back from one of the most memorable experiences of my life... a trip to Seattle to host La Festa Italiana!

I must confess that Seattle is absolutely a jewel of a city and even the weather was my friend! We had absolutely great weather on Saturday when I presented my Nutella Mascarpone Mousse recipe. Then on Sunday, the weather in the morning was not so cool but just a few hours before I went on stage, the sun came out and with the bubbly Nonna Enza Sorrentino we presented a wonderful Sicilian recipe: Gnocchi Tricolore with Pesto Trapanese... absolutely FANTASTIC! For those of you in Seattle, do not forget to visit Nonna Enza at her restaurant: Enza Cucina Siciliana. She is a fantastic person and the food is to die for!

What can I say, the Festa was organized to perfection. Both Dennis Caldirola and Marty Nigrelle, made my experience so pleasant and enjoyable... can't wait to go back! I also made so many new friends in this great city and I finally got to meet the great Nick Stellino as well! Below are some photos from the event and to Seattle I say... Arrivederci!!!



Photos from the Festa Italiana!

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My Little Bottega
My First National Gourmet Institute Experience!

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