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GyrlSmylee commented on Beep1967's photo 4 months ago

What a beautiful day for this bride.

GyrlSmylee commented on Beep1967's photo 4 months ago

Look at that beautiful dress, veil and bouquet.

GyrlSmylee commented on rossella rago's video 4 months ago

I always loved the way Elvis sang this song. This and Are you lonesome tonight. I remember the night of his funeral at the end of the show they played this song and I am positive EVERYBODY watching...

Can't Help Falling In Love

Elvis Presley Can't Help failling in Love non profit just for entertainment allrights to Elvis Presley pictures from "The Trouble With Girls"

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I love the Cooking with Nonna show. I love that I can watch your videos anytime I want to. I have found wonderful recipes here and plan to make more. Some day I will join the gang as you make your... Show more

rossella rago Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you in Italy!!! 11 months ago

Hello, I would like to get a beautiful Nonna's meatball recipe. My boyfriends Mom Elaine made the BEST! Do you remember the scene in the Wedding Singer where Adam Sandler's character is getting paid in... Show more