Braciole in Ragu` Sauce

Braciole in Ragu` Sauce: on Sunday my Nonna makes Braciole in Ragu` Sauce!

Sometimes, also called Brasciole!


Braciole in  Ragu` Sauce


For 4 Person(s)

For the Braciole:

  • 1/2 pound beef cut in thin slices
  • 1/2 pound veal cut in thin slices
  • 1/2 pound pork cut in thin slices
  • garlic cut in wedges
  • pecorino romano - cut in small wedges
  • sprigs of fresh parsley
  • salt & pepper

For the Sauce:

  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • red hot pepper
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine
  • 2 quarts tomato sauce


  1. Braciole Preparation:
    1. Prepare the wedges of garlic, Pecorino Romano and parsley. Do not chop the parsley.
    2. Lay out on a wooden board a slice of meat. At one edge of the meat place 2-3 wedges of pecorino cheese, 2-3 wedges of garlic and a generous sprinkle of fresh black pepper.
    3. Add two small sprigs of fresh parsley and roll the  meat into a roll. Close the meat with three wood toothpicks to ensure that only the aroma and not the ingredients  escape during cooking.
    4. Put aside.
  2. Sauce Preparation:
    1. In a large pot, put 4 Tbs of EV olive oil and 4 cloves of minced garlic.  Let the garlic saute` for two minutes until it turns light golden.
    2. Add the Braciole to the pot and carefully saute` them in the hot oil for a few minutes. Add a sprinkle of hot pepper, as desired, and turn the Braciole  several times until they brown on all sides.
    3. Add the white wine and contine the saute` process until the alcohol evaporates.
    4. Add the tomato sauce and cover the pot.
    5. Cook at low-medium heat for 45 mins.
    6. Remove the Braciole from the pot and gently remove all the toothpicks.
    7. Separately boil some Rigatoni or other large pasta that you prefer and serve with the sauce from the Braciole.




Sunday, 28 May 2023
The braciole recipe doesn’t make sense to me. It references using three types of meat but isn’t...
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- Frankandanna
Monday, 22 November 2021
I would like to ask the same question as Dallie52. Do you use 1 slice of the pork, veal and beef an...
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- lpisillo
Sunday, 17 March 2019
Question: Do you put a slice of each meat on top of each other, then the remainder of the ingredient...
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- dallie52
Thursday, 14 December 2017
This looks to be the same way my own Nonna made it, which was fabulous, and has my mouth watering; b...
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- Delia the Crone
Thursday, 14 December 2017
Just like my mother-in-law used to make. Very good. -
Thursday, 14 December 2017
I remember this. I can almost smell it! sounds delicious. I\'m trying it this weekend. One question,...
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- rrago
Thursday, 14 December 2017
One of my favorite recipes for the holidays, brings back good memories - Jgrant12
Thursday, 14 December 2017
Yummy. I make this once a year. - Pab238
Thursday, 08 September 2016
I would have used cooking string to tie then cooked it in a 4hr sauce as my mama used to.Really give...
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- Tee11
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